Babies (6 mths to 2 yrs)

rmcc_programs_bab_imageThe babies room has two staff members that are all trained to ensure that your child receives the best possible care.

The room is set up so that small groups and individual children are able to explore different materials. The program fosters learning in a warm, caring, and nurturing environment.

Carers are then able to observe children closely through listening to the children at play and learning their interests and needs.With information gathered from parents and observation taken by staff with their knowledge in early childhood development we will develop an individual program for your child that will help with their language, social skills, cognitive development, fine and gross motor skills.

We will, with parents input, formulate a routine that includes feeding, sleeping, toileting and playing that will be incorporated into an individual program which will be developmentally and age appropriate and will resemble the child’s normal routine at home as closely as possible.