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Bank: Common Wealth Bank
Account Name: ASLA Inc.
BSB: 063237
Account Number: 10353288

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Glory be to ALLAH swt for His blessing and guidance. Peace and blessing be upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) and his family and companions and the entire Ummah.

Australian Sri Lankan Association Incorporated (ASLA Inc.) is a non-profit welfare organization that was incorporated in June 2013. The association was formed by a group of brothers with the main aim of establishing a Masjid and Community Centre for the Muslim community living in Victoria.

Alhamdulillah, we have been successful in securing a 5001 SQM(1.235 acres) property in Ravenhall in the west of Melbourne 20 minutes from the CBD. This is an area with a large population of Sri Lankan Muslims and is ideally located to service our community. In addition to the Masjid, the community centre will have separate ladies and gents lecture halls and function facilities. It will be available to all communities to use for their functions and programs. We are currently sourcing funds to settle the land and start construction on this property.


Lot 42, 101 Eucumbene Dr Ravenhall VIC 3023
  • The property is located very close to the western freeway
  • 19km away from Melbourne City (west gate bridge) (16 min),
  • 11km from Hopper crossing(Sayer/Palmer rd) (12min)
  • 8km from St Albans (12 mins).


Total price for land (stage 1): $665,000 + GST 10% Deposit already paid

Land area:5001 Sqm 1.235 Acres

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” Whoever makes a Masjid for the sake of Allah, Allah will make for him a house in Paradise. ” (Sahih Muslim)

Donations can be made to the following bank account.

Bank: CommonWealth
Account Name: ASLA Inc.
BSB: 063237
Account Number: 10353288

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